Welcome to my informational blog about Sidereal Astrology. You are invited to return and explore this site as it is developed.

Christine Emich

Astrology is based on the synchronicity of events in nature and the cosmos. Astronomy is the study of objects outside the Earth, whereas Astrology integrates the observation of nature and cosmos into the human experience. On a personal level, you can feel a push when a fast driving car passes by, or you can sense the presence of a person entering the room.

Astrology is also a cultural treasure, while being practical at the same time. For instance, the Farmer’s Almanac presents us with observations that have been made about solar, lunar, and planetary cycles and movements as they correlate to weather patterns and natural/agricultural phenomena. The same is true for people. Even though we are not just plants or animals and therefore we make decisions based on emotions and thought, we still react to the cosmic forces around us to some extent.

Amidst the stream of time – following the words of St. Francis –  we have the opportunity to “learn to accept what we cannot change, develop the courage to change the things that need to be changed, and find the wisdom to see the difference.”

Astrology and the stories of the constellations are based on humanity’s accumulated experience and learning. Astrology is there for our benefit and for our improved understanding and integration of natural cycles and forces.